Attorney Advertising Auction Process

Think it’s impossible to get airtime for only 3 to 50 cents on the dollar? Think again. At WAA-Law Firm TV Advertising, we make it happen every week. Read on to find out how we do it.

Ever heard of remnant airtime? Airtime is a perishable commodity, just like a lot of groceries you buy – milk, bread, produce, and meat, just to name a few. In other words, it expires after a certain amount of time, and when that happens, it becomes worthless. Stations have only a finite amount of airtime to sell, but they’re interested in selling as much of it as possible: every unsold slot is money they stand to lose. Back before Internet advertising transformed the market, stations rarely had to worry about losing money to unsold airtime, but once the status quo changed, there was no going back: TV and radio stations found themselves with more unsold airtime than they knew what to do with as more and more advertisers jumped ship to the World Wide Web.

At WAA-Lawyer Radio Advertising, we help our clients take advantage of this situation every week with our fire sale auction, held every Tuesday.

Our fire sale auction process allows our clients to submit CPM-based bids to multiple stations simultaneously. Stations know they’re not getting exclusive bids – they’re on a “first-come, first-served” basis, and stations will act quickly to accept them before any other station does. Our fire sale auction not only allows our clients to take advantage of remnant TV and radio inventory, but it also allows them to name their own price for airtime as stations compete with each other over their bids.

WAA-Attorney TV Advertising’s weekly fire sale auction also features the following targeting options:

Choice of Media:
#1 Radio advertising airtime
#2 Broadcast TV advertising airtime
#3 Cable TV advertising airtime

Choice of Geographic Targeting:
#1 National – Using our unique “Flex-National Advertising” option
#2 Regional – Targeting multiple states or metro-markets
#3 Local – Targeting one DMA or metro-market

Demographic targeting:
#1 Radio advertising – Choose from over 20 types of music/formats
#2 TV and cable advertising – Choose from over 60 types of channels
#3 Choose from four different time blocks on weekdays and weekends: daytime, primetime, evening, or overnight

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