Attorney TV Advertising

Are you searching the net for the best way to buy attorney television commercials?

WAA-Attorney TV Advertising specializes in all forms of attorney television advertising. No matter what kind of practice you have or what scale you operate on, your attorney TV commercials need to create a strong impression to ensure that viewers become clients once they have need for your services.

Recently, we’ve been in close communication with our clients through business development conferences such as the American Association for Justice and the PILMMA (Personal Injury Marketing & Management Association) organization that focuses on attorney marketing and business development. What we found out by attending these events is that most attorney TV advertising is bought through local agencies or directly from the stations themselves.

The biggest challenge with attorney advertising is that your target market is so small compared to your audience at large that you need to work out how to buy airtime inventory in a way that you can be sure your message actually reaches your target market while also being able to track, analyze, and scale your marketing to maximize your overall ROI.

WAA-Law Firm Radio Commercials’ weekly fire sale auction allows you to control your airtime costs by bidding on unsold TV and radio inventory on a cost per thousand (CPM) basis. Since attorney TV commercials are perishable if it goes unsold, WAA-Lawyer TV Advertising works with you to build a recommended bid that will find the lowest possible CPM so you can get the most impressions for your lawyer TV advertising budget. Our auction allows our customers to save 50-95% on their TV advertising purchases, which comes out to a savings of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

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